Aaron Armstrong

Vice Chair/BancFirst

Aaron was introduced to Counseling & Recovery Services by a colleague and former Board Chair and soon began to realize just how big the need for mental health services is in Tulsa and the surrounding area. Aaron had been searching for a way to give back to the community in an impactful way and, after doing the research and learning more about the services provided by this great organization, felt a duty to give his time and energy to this worthy cause.

Mental health is a very serious issue in today’s society and it’s Aaron’s hope that his small impact to CRS, along with the rest his my fellow board members, will help make a positive difference in people’s lives and for the betterment of the community.

Aaron was born in Tulsa and grew up in Verdigris (about 25 minutes Northeast of Tulsa off Route 66). He attended the University of Oklahoma, obtaining a finance degree and moved out of state to start his career in commercial banking. After several years of being away, Aaron moved back to Oklahoma and eventually Tulsa where he is a commercial lender with BancFirst.

Aaron enjoys quality time with his wife Brittany and their son Curtis, spending time outdoors fishing/hunting, working on their land (tractor time) and taking family vacations when possible.  


Meet the Team

Board of Directors

Jonathan Wish

Chair/Stanfield & O’Dell

I’ve recently come to a realization about myself that the people I hold with the highest respect are those who inspire me to be a better person. Business success, incredible athletic ability, or a sharp mind are great, but the ability to have compassion for people is the most important quality I see in people.

With that said, the work done at Counseling & Recovery Services had a tremendous appeal to me. I actually had no intention of joining a board at the time, but when I approached Executive Director Bryan Blankenship about volunteer opportunities, a position was open, and I joined in December 2016, and I am thrilled to be a part of the organization and help out in whatever ways I can.

I am an audit supervisor for Stanfield & O’Dell. I’ve been with the firm for six years, and previously worked briefly for the State Auditor. I work with all types of clients, from businesses to governments to Christian ministries, but I most enjoy working in the nonprofit sector. As someone who is not native to Tulsa, I am blown away by the amount of support the community has for these organizations.

Along with serving on the Counseling & Recovery Services Board of Directors’ Finance and Community Relations and Resource Development committees, I have also served on the Young Professionals Board for Emergency Infant Services, where we developed a new annual fundraising event and manage the City Wide Baby Shower. This summer, I am also currently planning a new fundraising event involving a 5K run.

I lived in Arkansas from birth until graduating from the University of Arkansas, and I have been in the Tulsa area ever since. I’ve been married seven years. My wife is a yoga instructor and teaches several places around town. I stay involved in fitness through strength training, yoga, and sports when I can.

For the past two years, I’ve been a part of the Hex House cast, where I play a butcher. My wife and I went to an audition almost as a joke, and since then many of the cast members are almost family to us. Taking a job scaring people until well after midnight was not something I expected to do in my 30s, but October has become one of the busiest and most fun months of the year.

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