Feeding the most vulnerable among us

Our Sand Springs office has a community center (Peers Place) where folks can come and get a hot meal, connect to resources, meet in groups (pre-Covid), etc., in addition to the counseling and therapy services the office provides.

One of our staff, Oscar, preps all the food, in addition to being a Recovery Support Specialist. A couple of weeks ago, he had over 80 Cuban sandwiches left over. He packed them up and drove up and down Archer street and Cincinnati avenue, went North on Main Street over to Denver Avenue, and back west to the pedestrian rest area at Gilcrease and Edison streets giving away these Cuban sandwiches to the homeless and people in need. He plans to do it anytime he has leftovers after he has fed our clients.

CRSOK gets food from the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, but it is not intended for this purpose. Only after our Peers Place clients are served does Oscar hand out leftovers. With permission, Oscar took some pictures documenting his efforts.

Featured in these images are some of the Gilcrease avenue members of the community at the pedestrian rest stop at Gilcrease and Edison where there is always a large group of homeless folks. The man in the wheelchair was particularly grateful and referred to himself as “This Old Marine”.  Some of them he has fed over three weeks in a row, and always give enough for their pets too.