When all bets are off: Is gambling a problem for you or a loved one?

Find out how to identify and stop problem gambling during a presentation at 10-noon, Friday, Nov. 16, Cornerstone Community Center, 5610 S. 41st W. Ave., by Wiley D. Harwell., D.Min., LPC, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Association for Problem & Compulsive Gambling.

10 Indications of Problem or Compulsive Gambling Behavior:

  1. Gambling longer than you plan
  2. Gambling until your last dollar was gone
  3. Losing sleep over thoughts of gambling
  4. Using income or savings to gamble while letting bills go unpaid
  5. Repeated, unsuccessful attempts to stop gambling
  6. Breaking the law or considering breaking the law to finance gambling
  7. Borrowing money to finance gambling
  8. Depressed or thoughts of suicide because of gambling losses
  9. Remorse after gambling
  10. Gambling to get money to meet financial obligations

From OAPCG website: https://www.oapcg.org/

Counseling & Recovery Services of Oklahoma is sponsoring this outreach as part of our services at Cornerstone Community Center.

Our staff is available at our main office, 7010 S. Yale, our Sand Springs office, 401 E. Broadway, and at  Cornerstone Community Center to answer questions about drug, alcohol and other addictions. To learn more about our addiction treatment, contact Tina Royster at 918.236.4160.