Solving a family’s transportation dilemma on Thanksgiving eve is only one example of how the CALM Center staff goes the extra mile to bring families back together.

Bill (not his real name) was excited about going home from the center on Thanksgiving eve. His family lived out of town so Bill knew it would take his mom a long time to get to the center.

Hours passed and his mom had not arrived. Finally, Bill’s mom called with bad news. The family car broke down. The family did not have any other transportation and no money to fix the car. To make matters worse, the family did not have enough money for gas to get home.

That’s when the CALM Center staff reassured Bill and his mom and started making calls.  Their hard work and determination paid off. The car was fixed and gas money was donated so Bill could spend Thanksgiving with his family at home.

“This story illustrates how the entire CALM Center staff goes above and beyond job descriptions to make life better for children and their families,” CALM Center Director Eric Jett said. “This is true any time and not just at holidays.”

The CALM Center is available any time of day or night including holidays for youth ages 10-17 in an emotional, behavioral or substance abuse crisis. Call 918.394.2256 for more information.