Back-to-school preparations are hectic for families over the next few weeks, but many overlook the most important area — is the student emotionally ready for the coming year? Our children’s services evaluate and treat a multitude of behavioral, emotional and substance abuse issues that can negatively affect school success.

All adolescents are nervous about the first day back especially if they are transitioning to a new school, to middle school or to high school. For some, these transitions cause more than traditional back-to-school nerves.

It’s time to seek professional help when a youth:
  • Becomes physically ill at the prospect of going to school
  • Has difficulty getting out of bed
  • Screams, yells and refuses to go
The CALM Center is available day and night to provide immediate support and assessment for any emotional, behavioral or substance abuse crisis. Call 918.394.2256 (CALM) to begin the process.
Children’s Services also are available by calling 918.492.2554. All services are available regardless of ability to pay.
To find out more about the latest research on children’s mental health, follow this link.
Children and youth who suffer from depression are more likely to be victims of bullying. To learn more about a nationwide push to stop bullying, follow this link.