The CALM Center is a 24/7 facility serving youth ages 10-17 in a behavioral, emotional or substance abuse crisis. Youth often arrive with only the clothes that they are wearing.

The CALM Center provides behavioral health treatment during a seven-day stay. Youth need changes of clothes, toiletries, bedding, towels, books and games to make their stay more comfortable.

The CALM Center receives and greatly appreciates support from a variety of individuals, groups and foundations in the community. Contact Development Director Taylor Davis at 918.392.5809 or tdavis@crsok.org to arrange your gift.

The following items are needed:

  1. Games/Activities
    1. Wii Console
    2. Wii Games (Wii Fit, Dance Games)
    3. Bean Bag Toss Game
    4. Soft Noodles (kind one uses for pool activity)
    5. Outdoor activity items (soft items)
    6. Books age appropriate (ages 10-17)
    7. IPod
    8. iPod Docking Station
    9. Hula Hoops
    10. Magazines (age appropriate 10-17)
  2. Art Supplies
    1. Crayons
    2. Bulletin Board Letters
    3. Decks of Cards
    4. Composition Books (Black and White kind for journaling)
    5. Acrylic Paint
  3. Self-Care Items
    1. Boys/Girls Socks (ages 10-17)
    2. Boys/Girls Underwear (ages 10-17)
    3. Sports Bras (ages 10-17)
    4. Hairbrushes
    5. Toothbrushes
    6. Toothpaste
    7. Deodorant (both boys and girls) (not roll on)
    8. Gym Shorts (both boys and girls)
    9. Shirts (neutral both boys and girls)
  4. Take Home Goodie Bags
    1. Reusable totes or backpacks (youth sometimes arrive with one set of clothing in a plastic or paper bag)
  5. Office Items
    1. New waiting room furniture
    2. Quartet Bulletin Board for Waiting Area (one with locking case)
    3. Laminating machine
    4. Bookcase
  6. Misc.
    1. QT Gas Cards or monetary donations to help families unable to afford gas to attend family therapy and/or to pick up their children at discharge.