Director Christine Hamner and Assistant Director Amanda O’Brien-Brown bring nearly two decades of experience working with children and families in crisis to the CALM Center, a 24/7 crisis facility for youth ages 10-17.

Christine holds a masters in counseling and is a licensed therapist and drug and alcohol counselor.  Amanda’s masters is in behavioral sciences.

Counseling & Recovery Services and the CALM Center are in the final year of a three certification process implementing the Sanctuary model of trauma-informed care. Christine, Amanda and center staff created group therapy activities to teach Sanctuary’s seven commitments to youth at the CALM Center.

As an example, youth must work together to find their way across an imaginary ocean in one group session. The game teaches the commitments: open communication, democracy, social learning, nonviolence, emotional intelligence, social responsibility, and growth and change.

Sanctuary encourages all staff and clients to create safety and self-care plans. Every youth leaves the center with these plans in place. These tools give youth simple and safe activities to choose when feeling overwhelmed rather than the previous unsafe and toxic behaviors that occurred during stress.

“We would love the opportunity to provide a presentation or more information about the CALM Center and Sanctuary,” Christine said.

The CALM Center provides services regardless of ability to pay. The center needs donations ranging from shirts and undergarments to equipment. The list of needs is available at www.crsok.org

To help, schedule a presentation, or for more information, contact Christine and Amanda at the CALM Center at 918.394.2256.