As we near our national celebration of independence on July 4th, it is a great time to declare independence from fear, emotional pain and loss that keep us from growth and change.

Every person’s trauma is different, but the results of untreated trauma are universal — lack of independence from the past and its pain.

What will we do today to free ourselves and create the life that we long to lead?

One simple step is to create safety. Take time to make or renew a personal safety plan. Follow this link for a template.

The second step is taking care of ourselves and focusing on our needs as well as the needs of others. A simple self-care plan inventory is available by following this link.

These tools can help us and our clients walk the road to independence from negative behaviors.

As a reminder, our Tulsa and Sand Springs offices are closed on July 4th.

The CALM Center is open 24/7 including holidays to care for youth ages 10-17 in an emotional, behavioral or substance abuse crisis.

Have a wonderful and safe July 4th holiday.