Four arrests in six months led Dylan Witt back to rehab for the second time, but this time was different.  Something clicked.

“It was time to change, to get my family back. I had lost a lot of good friends, and I wanted to get them back, and to get my life on track.”

After leaving rehab, Dylan remained committed to sobriety.

“You have to go after your recovery like you did your drugs,” Dylan said. “I went to 118 meetings in the first 90 days out of treatment.”

At age 27, Dylan has two years being clean and sober. For the past six months, he has worked with Physician’s Assistant Bruce Peixotto at Counseling & Recovery Services in the Opioid Dependence Recovery Program. His goal is to step down on suboxone until he no longer needs it.

“Bruce is the best,” Dylan said. “I tried another place, but all they did was the medicine. Bruce is interested in my life. He gives me the support I need to make a plan and achieve it.”

About a year ago, Dylan’s life changed for the better when Marcus Abernathy, the director of Sangha, asked him to be the house manager for a sober living home opening in Tulsa.

Sangha is Sanskrit for community. That’s what Dylan found at Counseling & Recovery Services and Sangha.

“I recommend Counseling & Recovery Services to our residents. You can go up there at 8 a.m., sign up and they will get you the help you need, and you can afford it.”

He sees a successful life ahead helping others.

Now, Dylan goes to the courthouse as a resource for the courts, sharing information about Sangha.

“I am happy as I’ve ever been,” Dylan said. “I’m excited about life and what I’m contributing to help others.”