Many of us have an Electronic Health Record (EHR) at our doctor, dentist, hospital or other health providers. Few of us understand how our personal EHR positively impacts our quality of care.

Counseling & Recovery Services spent more than a year implementing our new EHR system, ClaimTrak, to better serve clients. This system speeds up appointment scheduling and electronic prescription refills to name just a few improvements.

“The goal is to eventually create a paperless system so everyone providing services will have the latest, updated information on a client,” said Medical Records Director Lynn Boyes, who led the project.

“This is one of our most significant accomplishments this year,” Executive Director Bryan K. Blankenship, Ph.D.  said. “I witnessed members of our community push through     challenges and barriers to make sure we were on task with implementation, and they continued to provide support to one another in the midst of that added stress.“

He credited this level of successful collaboration to each member of our  Sanctuary Community committed to nonviolence, emotional intelligence, social learning, democracy, open communication, social responsibility and growth and change.

Implementing ClaimTrak brought together staff and leadership from across the agency including Controller Tammy Horne, Assessment, Intake & Referral Director Paula Vella, Community Support Director Donna Hall, Sand Springs Director Alicia Davis, CALM Center Director Jeff Bremer, Children’s Services Director Andre Campbell, Wraparound Assistant Director Stephanie Taylor, Executive Assistant LaQuita Hinton, Clinical Director Joe Jenkins and IT Technician Eddie Williams.

Another important aspect of implementation is training and support. Staff members volunteered to be “SuperUsers,” the go-to experts on the new system.

SuperUsers include Joan Wolfenbarger, Kate Morton, Dee Rainwater (Accounting),  Marcie Gonzalez and Alicia Watkins (Medical Records) , Candace DeLong (Reception) Nicole Brewer (Sand Springs) , Simonne Miller (CALM Center), Dr. Chris Blaisdell and Stacy Ahmed (Medication Clinic), Lucinda Morte, Sarah Phillips and Kimberly Benkert (Assessment Intake & Referral), Allison Wresche, Shannon Headley and Jamie Morrisett (Children’s).

The system launched Aug. 1, and fine tuning continues.

“When this system is complete, it will help us better track the needs of each client and make sure that we meet those needs,” Clinical Director Joe Jenkins said. “I am so excited about its impact on the quality of care and the recovery of our clients.”