Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month have a lot in common. They focus thoughts on caring for others and ourselves. We need to care for ourselves first to have healthy relationships.

February is a great time to build your self-esteem and commit to self-care.

Did you know self-care impacts your mood and your heart? Some of the easiest ways to care for your heart and well-being are:

  • Eat healthy to fuel your body and mind
  • Exercise as simple as walking makes a huge difference
  • Get enough sleep to protect your heart and immune system
  • Spend quality time with family & friends
  • Take time to do things that you enjoy
  • Be kind to yourself (watch critical self-talk)
  • Monitor blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Stop smoking or vaping or don’t start
  • Seek help for alcohol and drug use issues

Everyone at Counseling & Recovery Services wishes you a healthy, happy Valentine’s Day and Heart Month.

If you struggle with behavioral or emotional issues keeping you from caring for yourself, we can help. The Sanctuary Model of trauma-informed care at Counseling & Recovery Services emphasizes self-care and wellness as part of treatment.