The impact of tornadoes and storms, including emotional distress, lasts for some time. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) offers excellent resources for individuals, families and communities.

Here are some excerpts from and a link to SAMHSA’s website:

Symptoms of distress may appear before, during, and after a tornado or severe storm and may manifest in the hours, days, weeks, months, or even years after they occur.

However, for some people, particularly children and teens, these symptoms may last for weeks or even months and may influence their relationships with families and friends.

Common warning signs of emotional distress include:

  • Eating or sleeping too much or too little
  • Pulling away from people and things
  • Having low or no energy
  • Having unexplained aches and pains such as constant stomach aches or headaches
  • Feeling helpless or hopeless
  • Excessive smoking, drinking, or using drugs, including prescription medications
  • Worrying a lot of the time; feeling guilty but not sure why
  • Thinking of hurting yourself or someone else
  • Having difficulty readjusting to home or work life

Where Can I Get Help?
If the symptoms persist for two weeks or more, call 1.800.985.5990 or text TalkWithUs to 66746 for support and counseling 24/7.

Counseling & Recovery Services of Oklahoma also has appointments available in Sand Springs and Tulsa on Mondays through Fridays to help children and adults. Call 918.492.2554 or 918.245.5565.

More SAMHSA resources are available by following this link: