Staff at the CALM Center, a 24/7 crisis center for youth ages 10-17, recently received a unique thank you for helping change a girl’s life.

A young woman who came to the CALM Center in 2012 with major depression created a charcoal drawing and brought it to Life Skills Coach Tabitha Byrd to thank Tabitha for being such an inspiration and helping her through a very difficult time.

The young woman just graduated from high school and will attend a local college in the fall. She continues to use the skills learned at the CALM Center to manage depression.

CALM Center Assistant Director Amanda O’Brien-Brown said the entire staff was inspired by this young woman’s success and her sincere gesture of gratitude.

The young woman is one of more than 4,000 youth served by the CALM Center since it opened in 2008. To learn more about the CALM Center, call 918.394.2256.