Are you struggling with mental health and physical health issues?

Do you have questions or concerns about your mental health, physical health, wellness, and chronic health conditions and how to manage them?

Would you like to have someone to help you navigate the complex health care system?

Ask for Counseling & Recovery Services to become YOUR HEALTH HOME.

What is Health Home?

Health Home is an opportunity to improve your overall health.  Counseling & Recovery Services staff members find and manage mental health, physical health and wellness services. A nurse works with everyone involved in your care to help track important treatment basics such as lab work and follow-up visits.

Our caring team addresses your immediate needs and assists you in overcoming barriers to accessing:

  •  Doctors
  •  Psychiatrists
  •  Therapists
  •  Medical care management
  •  Wellness


Call 918.236.4140 to get started.


Tulsa Office: Call 918.492.2554 for an appointment to get started.

Sand Springs Office: Call 918.245.5565 for an appointment to get started.