Some working families dread summer breaks especially when children are too old for day care and summer camps.

The key to a successful, less stressful summer vacation for children is planning. Let children help you create the routines, rules, consequences and rewards for staying home alone.

Routines & Visual Prompts

A cheery reminder note on the kitchen table with some favorite breakfast foods gets the day off to a great start, as an example.

They may not act like it, but even teens enjoy this reminder that you care.

Be sure to set concrete rules about:

  • Leaving home
  • Having friends over
  • Cooking – oven use, microwave, etc.
  • Using computer, how long, online?

These rules need to become part of the daily routine.

Let your child or children help you create the visual reminders of the routines and rules. This can include a check list for chores.

Establish Consequences

Let your child help you create consequences for breaking the rules. Children need reminders of appropriate and inappropriate behavior. Impromptu visits to the house will let your children know that you are watching.

Remember to praise your children for their positive behavior.

Establish Rewards

What does your child value?

  • Spending time alone with you?
  • Going to the mall?
  • Having friends over?

Understanding what motivates your child will allow you to create the best system of rewards. Be sure to include some of their suggested rewards.

To see a clip of our segment on KTUL Channel 8’s Good Day Tulsa about this issue, follow this link.

Having trouble?

Children and teens whose behavior puts them or others at risk need immediate intervention.

The CALM Center is available any time of day or night.

For children and teens  in crisis, contact the CALM Center at 918.394.2256.

To contact our children’s services staff for a non-emergency behavior issue, call 918.492.2554.

We also offer Parenting with Love & Logic for families who want answers and actions for difficult moments in parenting. The next one-day class is August 14. The next six-week class begins August 20. There is a fee to cover materials that parents keep after the class is complete.

For more information about Love & Logic Parenting, contact Victoria Sawyer at 918.236.4140  or vsawyer@crsok.org.

Our children’s staff will visit with families, camp staff, day care staff and school staff. Our goal is to help every child and family succeed, and every program understand how to handle behavior challenges.

To book a speaker or informational booth at an upcoming event, contact Beverly Moore at 918.236.4127 or bmoore@crsok.org.