Does it seem that some people have all the luck while others only experience bad luck?  Actually, “luck” may come from a set of positive behaviors.

Lucky people are outgoing, optimistic, follow their intuition, and expect good fortune, according to research. How do we embrace these traits?

The first step is to identify negative thoughts, acknowledge, and release them. Then, replace them with more positive thoughts. A bad grade on a test can make someone dread all tests and set up future failures. The other way of thinking is to see a bad grade as a learning experience and seek new ways to prepare for future tests.

This sounds simple, but depression, illness and trauma change thinking and behavior in negative ways. Many people need help to overcome the bad things that have happened to them. Counseling & Recovery Services of Oklahoma has embraced the Sanctuary model of trauma informed care to help clients and staff acknowledge what has happened and create a plan for a future of growth and change.

At Counseling & Recovery Services, clients of all ages start by discussing challenges and symptoms with a licensed therapist who recommends a plan for getting better. This plan can include a physician’s visit, medication, case management, individual or group therapy, and personal wellness goals.