June is National Safety Month.

Here are some focus areas for this year’s observance:

  • Medication safety and prescription painkiller abuse.
  • Driving, biking, and working safely.
  • First aid and emergency preparedness.
  • Preventing slips, trips, and falls.

Did you know prescription drugs are the most commonly misused substances by people ages 14 and older? Drug misuse and abuse kill more people than motor vehicle accidents.

To learn more about National Safety Month topics, follow this link.

Medication safety is important. Talk with your doctor about alternatives to potentially addictive prescription painkillers. If you take prescriptions with a potential for abuse, lock them up and properly dispose of any remaining pills.

To learn how to properly dispose of household medications, follow this link.

If you know someone needing help to overcome prescription painkiller abuse, we can help. 

Outpatient opioid dependence treatment available

Willpower is not enough to overcome a life-threatening opioid dependence. That is why Counseling & Recovery Services created its outpatient opioid dependence recovery program for adults using a nationally recognized and successful model requiring therapy with opioid replacement medication.

Dependence is a disease of the brain and behavior. Most people who seek opioid treatment feel defeated physically, economically, emotionally and socially.  Individual and group therapy required in this program helps clients rebuild their lives. It teaches tools and strategies to become and remain healthy and happy.  This program’s therapists hold master’s degrees and expertise in substance abuse treatment.

Like other chronic diseases, dependence and addiction can be managed successfully. This treatment enables people to regain control of their lives and move forward with a plan to maintain sobriety.

This treatment is available for private pay clients only in our Tulsa office, 7010 S. Yale. Clients are responsible for all fees not covered by insurance. To find out more, call 918.492.2554 and ask for the outpatient opioid dependence recovery program.