Pharmacist Boyd Stephens smiles as a client says, “Bless You.”

“My staff and I get blessed at least once or twice a day,” Boyd said.

Why so many blessings?

Boyd and his staff provide 65 percent of the pharmacy’s clients with free prescription medication. In fiscal year 2015, the pharmacy requested and received more than $2.7 million in donated medicine for clients.

The pharmacy celebrated its sixth anniversary in June. It fills about 260 prescriptions a day, up from about 80-100 filled a day in its first year.

Medication helps clients manage their symptoms and live successfully in the community. Clients with little or no insurance or income count on the pharmacy, Boyd said. Medicine costs are up, and drug companies are donating less.

“We continue to look for more resources. We don’t ever want to turn anyone away,” Boyd said.

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