Make your voice heard at the Capitol today! It’s not too late. The special session is still underway.

Ask your state legislators to save mental health and substance abuse services by filling the entire $215 million budget gap.  We need solutions that are sustainable so we won’t be back in this same crisis in the spring. Things look bleak after the weekend’s failure to act, but there is still hope if we continue to push for a solution.

It is not too late to reach out to your state legislators, but time is running out before deep cuts will happen to life saving mental health and substance abuse services for 180,000 Oklahomans including the 5,000 served by our agency.

If you don’t know who represents you, visit https://oklegislature.gov/.

A group from Counseling & Recovery Services attended the Mental Heath Rally last week and visited state representatives and senators urging to fill the budget gap.  To learn more about our advocacy team, follow this link.