Mental health, emotional and behavioral issues affect 1 in 5 school-aged children with 1 in 10 experiencing a mental health challenge severe enough to negatively affect home, school, social and community functioning. Though so many school-aged children are affected, it is estimated 50 to 80 percent of them do not receive the care they need.

Addressing this crisis is critical for schools, families and the future success of these children. Mental health problems are common and treatable. Intervention works. Counseling & Recovery Services of Oklahoma has comprehensive children’s services available regardless of family’s ability to pay. We also accept SoonerCare and private insurance.

What are school aged behavior issues:

  • Hyperactivity (short attention span, impulsiveness)
  • Aggression or self-injurious behavior (acting out, fighting)
  • Withdrawal (not interacting socially with others, excessive fear or anxiety)
  • Immaturity (inappropriate crying, temper tantrums, poor coping skills)
  • Learning difficulties (academically performing below grade level)
  • Distorted thinking, excessive anxiety, bizarre motor acts or abnormal mood swings

Source – National Alliance on Mental Illness

Why is this a school mental health a crisis?

Only 40 percent of students with emotional, behavioral and mental health disorders graduate from high school, and these students have the highest dropout rate of any disability group.

When appropriate school supports are put into place, these students succeed. These supports also enhance classroom learning for fellow students and take pressure off teachers in the classroom.

To learn more about childhood mental health disorders and how we can help children, families and schools succeed in overcoming these issues, feel free to call our children’s department at 918.492.2554.