Back-to-school is here.

Families are making their lists: backpacks, school supplies, up-to-date shots, and more.

One thing missing on most lists is critical to learning – children’s behavioral health checkups.

Did your child or teen struggle with emotions, behavior or other issues that kept them from achieving their best in school?

Did you hear from teachers and administrators frequently about your child’s behavior?

Do you worry about your child’s adjustment to a new school or grade level?

The best time to visit with a clinical professional is before it negatively impacts the school year. Until children receive treatment for their behavioral health issues, they miss important learning the classroom.

In the 2013 study, Blind Spot: The Impact of Missed Early Warning Signs on Children’s Mental Health,” an in depth look at Connecticut school records showed 1 in 5 children  struggled with a mental health or substance abuse problem, accompanied by poor academic performance, absenteeism and other school related difficulties. This is also true for Oklahoma students.

The study also showed over 70 percent of students diagnosed with mental illness and behavioral health problems by middle school exhibited warning signs by second grade. Yet, few received evaluations and diagnosis.

Families, communities and schools can play an important role in recognizing children’s mental health needs and making early referrals for assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

For parents and advocates of children with mental health issues, follow this link to an excellent checklist to use as the school year begins.

Counseling & Recovery Services helps children and families by providing assessment, diagnosis and treatment regardless of ability to pay through its children’s services.

Children and teens ages 10-17 in a behavioral or substance abuse crisis also receive services at the CALM Center any time of day or night regardless of ability to pay.

For a crisis, call 918.394.2256 anytime of day or night

For outpatient appointments, call 918.492.2554.