Counseling & Recovery Services of Oklahoma recently received state certification to provide substance abuse treatment, Executive Director Bryan K. Blankenship announced today.

Tom Boone, MHR, LADC, is program director for substance abuse services. He was previously clinical director for Just Addictions Recovery Services in Tulsa.

Boone said alcohol and other drug abuse and addiction are major social problems. They affect both men and women, impact all cultures, and are experienced by people of all ages. Intensive Outpatient Treatment is a proven method to help people overcome alcohol and drug addictions and is now offered at Counseling & Recovery Services.

Returning veterans are experiencing substance abuse at a higher rate than the general population. Counseling & Recovery Services also offers specialized treatment for veterans.

Counseling & Recovery Services has a long history of providing treatment to children and adults experiencing both mental health and substance abuse issues. This certification allows the agency to serve people who are experiencing substance abuse issues without co-occurring mental health issues.

Substance abuse treatment also is an integral part of services at the CALM Center, a crisis stabilization center for youth ages 10-17. Youth who are medically cleared can come to the CALM Center for detox. The center is available any time of day or night at 918.394.2256 for more details.

 For more information about outpatient substance abuse treatment, call 918.492.2554 and ask for Substance Abuse Services or email info@crsok.org.


Counseling & Recovery Services of Oklahoma provides mental health and substance abuse services to more than 5,000 low income adults, children and families annually. Last year, the agency provided a record 160,000 different mental health and substance abuse services to its clients and filled 37,000 prescriptions.

Formerly known as Associated Centers for Therapy (ACT), the agency has served the Tulsa area as a nonprofit community mental health center since 1982.