Nearly half of us are stressed out, according to a July poll by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Here are easy ways to reduce stress any time:

1. Take a break from what is stressing you.

2. Exercise. A simple walk or stretching can help.

3. Smile and laugh. Laughter truly  is the best medicine. So, Get together with friends and do something you enjoy.

4. Get social support. At Counseling & Recovery Services, staff members share how they feel in community meetings. This allows staff to get support from peers when they are facing difficult tasks.

5. Meditate. This can be as simple as closing your eyes, breathing deeply, and focusing on something soothing.

At Counseling & Recovery Services, staff and clients create safety plans to help deal with stress, anxiety and other triggers of negative emotions.  A good safety plan identifies activities that can be used anytime, anywhere, without embarrassment. Activities should be safe, effective, and self-soothing.

Children are stressed out, too, especially with the pressures of school, peers and activities.  They find it difficult to identify the causes of stress. Instead, they show stress through behaviors. Younger children cling to parents, as an example. Older children become more moody, sleep too much, change eating habits, withdraw, and complain of excessive headaches and stomach aches.

Counseling & Recovery Services of Oklahoma can help people of all ages deal with chronic stress and anxiety. Licensed staff members provide an assessment, treatment recommendations, and quality treatment.  Our physicians also help with recommendations for medication, if needed.

Our adult and children’s outpatient offices are open Monday through Friday in Tulsa and Sand Springs. The CALM Center  every day and  night including holidays to help children ages 10-17 in an emotional, behavioral or substance abuse crisis. Call 918.394.2256.