Signs, decorations, cards, and reminders are everywhere – Valentine’s Day is coming.

Even if we don’t have a significant other, the season surrounding Valentine’s Day can still be uplifting to us.

Valentine’s season is a great time to do special things for ourselves, family, and friends.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Plan a gathering with friends who will also be alone for Valentine’s Day – a potluck dinner, movie night, card swap (like in elementary school) and cookie exchange are all great ideas
  • Send uplifting notes to family & friends
  • Forgive someone and release the negative emotions – what a gift for the heart
  • Volunteer or give to an organization
  • Surprise neighbors or friends with random acts of kindness
  • Give yourself flowers and a positive note of encouragement

Valentine’s season is a great time to rekindle feelings with a significant other. Below are some ways to reconnect:

  • Focus on giving, not getting
  • Find out what they want and surprise them with it
  • Write a love note and mail it
  • Spend the days leading up to Valentine’s Day saying one encouraging and loving thing each day
  • Make each other’s favorite foods for dinner and eat by candlelight on the good dishes – the ones usually reserved for Christmas and Thanksgiving

Couples who show gratitude to each other tend to be happier and more likely to stay together, according to research by Amie M. Gordon, PhD, of the University of California.

Amie say couples can promote gratitude in their relationship by:

  • Recognizing the value of your partner
  • Being more thoughtful of and responsive to his or her needs
  • Listening and being attentive in conversations
  • Showing appreciation

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