Wraparound Tulsa Assistant Director Stephanie Taylor shared information about Wraparound, CALM Center and the agency’s other children’s services with more than 250 Tulsa police officers and supervisors in March and April. Stephanie was invited to speak by Susannah Ralston, Tulsa Police Department’s Mental Health Liaison Officer.

In addition to the presentation, Stephanie gave each officer a laminated business card with details about Wraparound. Immediately, Wraparound received calls from officers and more than 10 families.

Five young people referred by police officers are now receiving Wraparound support and advocacy to stay in school, stay out of the hospital and out of trouble with the law. Families also are receiving support and education to create a support team to keep the child and family out of crisis.

The immediate response is no surprise. In March, Tulsa Police responded to more than 890 calls involving some kind of mental health issue, Officer Ralston said. She works closely with all mental health providers and shares information about the providers with officers.
“We want to get these [individuals] help quickly so their situation does not deteriorate any further and possibly lead to hospitalization, homelessness, and even death,” Officer Ralston said.

“I would really like to thank Officer Ralston. She was a great support for me during these presentations. She attended each and every one, early and late. She introduced me each time, stood with me and presented our agency in a very positive light,” Stephanie said.

Counseling & Recovery Services is committed to supporting law enforcement, schools and communities to improve mental health for children and adults. Any group wanting a presentation about our services can contact Beverly Moore, bmoore@crsok.org or 918.236.4127.

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